For beginners interested in software

1) For web development , get  into and its a pretty easy software to start making websites on.

You can maybe spend say 10 $ a month so that you can buy some server space on and tinker with his own website /blog in the meantime.

For learning language CSS ,PhP and HTML are the way to go.

2) If you knows some languages already, try  to make a Facebook application , and then play with Google’s open social API,or game, as that will get his interest besides giving him a skill thats useful. Ipod developer’s kit is another hot area to experiment.

3)For designing software solutions I would recommend the Microsoft Certification program. Try  to learn 1 language like Visual Basic or into .Net programming.These platforms will still be useful in coming years.

4) For statistical/business software try  to learn a language called R, which is good for data mining ( . its quite easy to learn and has a good graphical user interface too.

5)For software careers it is best to learn multiple types of softwares to hedge your bets.

For sustaining interest, you  can join and network with fellow programmers using bulletin boards especially boards on for google code and microsoft developers area..

6) You can also download Ubuntu linux ( , which is a free Linux based Operation System (like Windows) and  be more familiar in it. Also add openoffice from This gives you perspectives on open source software.

7)I recommend him getting summer internship in a software startup (especially any software company in Silicon valley or Bangalore) ,and with established companies (like ,,

Software developers are the un-sung heroes of today’s modern world!!!

All the best !

Easy Ways to Secure Network Data

 Easy ways to secure network data without letting your IT team into fooling you in more servers  or certifications than you need.

1 User login passwords can be cracked and even the encryption will eventually need a password too. Most people use rather easy to crack passwords anyways.

2  you can use or even insist on the password feature within office documents , and within zip documents, and within outlook pst files.

The actual practicality is that people rarely keep track of multiple document passwords, and once a password is known /guessed , it compromises the whole system ..say for an ex employee,keyboard loggers, other ways to read data directly from the hard disk etc.

That cant happen for encryption.

So I would first implement a strong password policy , which is the first step for any company. This means using special characters, characters,numbers and automatic changing of passwords after 1 month.

3 Also laptops should have desk locks provided and compulsory before going away from the desk.

4 The next layer is encryption for data using private key/public keys and for login to the desktop/laptop .An inexpensive encryption solution is to use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy ) for encryption. You can also have open source free encryption softwares .

5 Another layer is have closed circuit cameras or motion trigger alarms in the office activated after say 6 pm or after office hours.

6 Implement multiple solutions using a test control approach on various PCs and then evaluate usage for 1 month before deciding with the big contract.

7 ISO 27001 or BS7799 and certifications help make clients comfortable, but do not enhance data security in any special way given the huge costs.

8 Have training videos for social networking used by hackers or people breaking in to system. Eg. Calling Board numbers for cell phone numbers

9 Try and eliminate as much paper as possible. Printouts, faxes etc. A compnay I know replaced all paper with blue paper just to impress clients. Same principles applied when guards were checking senior management bags. No searches etc.

This is also good for environment too (Use that for impressing clients !), and its better to buy bigger monitors or have an encrypted wireless lan than  have tonnes  of paper too.

All systems can and will be broken given time and resources to deviants. Using these steps reduces the ease and probability of laptop loss escalated to data loss in wrong hands.

Ning with the Xing

Recently created a social network on site is quite cool , as it allows you to create your own social networks.

It has features for blogs,forum,ADS,rss and even Open Social Gadgets. You can view my bad attempt at creating a social network here …

If you plan a more commercial venture the rates are even more decent,from the Ning Site

Run ads on your social network
You can use any ad serving service you’d like. You can also use this premium feature to protect your social network from showing any ads at all.
$19.95 per month
Use your own domain name
If you own your own domain name (also known as a URL or website address) and want to use it for your new social network, you can.
$4.95 per month
Remove Ning promotional links
This will remove the “Create Your Own Social Network” button from the top of your social network.
$7.95 per month
Increase your quota
If you are concerned that your new social network will exceed 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth, you can purchase more storage and bandwidth from us.
$9.95 per unit per month


And I got interviewed on my views at another much better Ning Network called Analytic Bridge. You can view the interview here .And post comments .

Cutting Down Office Costs:Downloading by DAP and Bit Torrents

Some of these tips may be familiar.Some may be surprisingly different

Here are ways to 1) search for hard to find softwares 2)download and queue downloads  with resume/pause functions

Bit Torrents are the best way to download anything . To quote the Openoffice website ”

About BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a P2P method where a central ‘tracker’ keeps track of who is downloading and sharing specific files.

When using BitTorrent to download, your computer automatically uses spare bandwidth to help share the file with others, and this means that you don’t have to put up with slower downloads during peak download times (such as just after a release), because the more people downloading, the more people sharing.

Also, your download is automatically checked for integrity to make sure that it is identical to the official version.

To use BitTorrent technology, you must have a BitTorrent “client” installed.

BitTorrent Clients

For normal downloads , use DAP from Thats best suited. Also try compressing stuff before uploading.This does have an impact on office bandwidth usage costs. For cutting down on software costs  for your organization, download Ubuntu Linux from  and OpenOffice from and use it for top 10 % technically qualified people, or bottom 10 % computers that basically use simple processing tasks like email, office,front desk etc.Then expand or tweak the percentages based on the results and satisfaction from users.

To cut down on intranet costs , you can use simple softwares from and host it on a computer for whole office to use it as an intranet. For creating an office newsletter , you can burn the feed at and use the email plugin to offer subscription to the email users.

Web Forms through Internet:FREE

That is corrct. Thanks to Google Docs, you can create a web form like a spreadsheet, share it with some people, and voila ..its like web form through the internet.

Possible applications:

DATA COLLECTION from multiple sources, then aggregate,download it ,import  and submit it to SAS,SPSS or any statistical software.


ONLINE SURVEYS also become more easy, given widespread usage of Gmail. I can create a form, short survey send it to all people in my egroup and then collect the results.


Go to

and follow the instructions for creating a web enabled form that collects data into a spreadsheet.

Features: Creating forms


You can create a form from any spreadsheet. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open a new spreadsheet.
  2. Save the spreadsheet.
  3. Click the Share tab.
  4. Under ‘Invite people:’ choose the radio button to fill out a form.
  5. Click Start editing your form… In the form template that opens, you can add any questions and options you’d like.
  6. Click the Next, choose recipients tab. Here, you can add email addresses, a custom confirmation message, and choose whether you want people to see the responses.
  7. When you’re finished, click Send.

Here are some additional tips:

  • If you’ve edited a form and need to send it again, click the Edit and resend button in the lower-left corner of the Share tab.
  • To see the results of a form, open the original spreadsheet. It’s a good idea to use the same name for the form as your spreadsheet, so it’s easier to find.
  • To turn off a form, go to the Share tab of your spreadsheet and click Turn off form in the lower-right corner.
  • Remember, the spreadsheet row, cell and column limits apply to the spreadsheets attached to your forms too “””