Moobhi Review- Piku Emotion in Motion

Shoojit Sircar has written a love poem to the saga of probashi Bongalis, Kolkatta longing and the fine yet quixotic and sometimes insular Bong culture. He has relied on shortcuts and stereotypes to finish the story in the time alloted. Deepika looks great with Kajal laced Bengali Eyes, but someone needs to tell her to get accent training. Irrfan can act better with his eyes and mouth closed, than Karan Johar can act with his entire body.

Amitabh Bachchan just disappears into his role as Bhaskar Da. Moushmi Chatterjee lifts occasional sag into the story pace. What a nice story? If only non Bengalis knew more about their culture than just Bengali sweets.


Dealing with zip files in R #rstats

> setwd("/home/ajay/Downloads")
> a=dir()
> class(a)
[1] "character"
> grep(".zip",a)
[1]  37  38  41  43  88  96 133
> b=grep(".zip",a)
> a[b]
[1] "alissa-coming-soon-v2-0(1).zip"            
[2] ""               
[3] ""               
[4] ""                    
[5] ""                 
[6] ""                                
[7] ""
> unzip("")
> c=dir() 

> c[c %nin% a] 
[1] "CAX_EMC_Racer_Garmin_Camera.csv" 
[2] "CAX_EMC_Racer_Garmin_Watch_Data.csv"
[3] "CAX_EMC_Racer_Motorcycle_Data.csv"
  ps- I know Hadley's convenient wrappR  packages are all the rage now, but nothing, i repeat
 nothing beats Frank Harell and Ripley's cool packages