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Reading Google Docs using R Curl


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and finally I can download my Google spreadsheet file using-


download.file(url=”http://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem”, destfile=”cacert.pem”)


b <- getURL(url,cainfo=”cacert.pem”)

write.table(b,quote = FALSE, sep = “,”,file=”test.csv”)


Previously (for past 3 5 7 hours)-

The codes at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/2011/09/using-google-spreadsheets-with-r-an-update.html dont work thanks to the SSL authentication issue. and the packages at [http://www.omegahat.org/RGoogleDocs/] and [https://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/rgoogledata/] are missing in action. 

So I mixed the codes at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/2009/09/how-to-use-a-google-spreadsheet-as-data-in-r.html and http://www.brocktibert.com/blog/2012/01/19/358/

and I get this error while using http://thebiobucket.blogspot.in/2012/03/r-function-to-read-data-from-google.html#more

Error in read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote, :
more columns than column names


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