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Red R 1.8- Pretty GUI


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Red R 1.8 has been compiled and is available for download.

If you have seen Red R, well it resembles software like Enterprise Miner or Rapid Miner in the visual sense as it basically has a work-flow style of showing and setting up data analysis.

I played a bit with it, and this version is a definite improvement over the last ones.- Here is one more really groovy GUI for R- and it’s quite professionally done.

And a Youtube tutorial as well

Take a bow- Kyle and Anup- nice coding indeed.


  1. […] statistical tool with Visual Programming ( something R is still yet to have despite efforts by RedR, Analytic Flow et al) and more importantly has a huge stack of enterprise […]

  2. Kyle says:

    The GUI is made using pyqt in python.

    Thanks for the post.


  3. Nikhil Murgai says:

    I thought that the GUI was written in Groovy as well :)

  4. Jeremy Leipzig says:

    Groovy is a popular Java based scripting language. Your headline might get confused with “a groovy” so be careful there.

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