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Color of Statistics


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A short analysis on the ASA Directory at http://www.amstat.org/membership/directory/search.cfm

and http://www.amstat.org/minorities/index.cfm

There are 15904 Total Members out of which if broken done by Race/Color

  • 172 Minority Statisticians
  • 68 Black
  • 12 Hispanic (this looks too less so I suspect the directory is incomplete)

Even optimistically the color of statisticians is overwhelmingly as follows (assuming that minority data is under counted by 10X- so multiplying the minority data by 10 and then taking percentage)

89 % White

4 % Black and

7% Non Black Minorities (presumably Indian, Chinese, Hispanic).

I tried to find some statistics on fresh maths/stats graduates by race but did not find some. Surely this calls for some thought ? ;)


  1. AnnMaria says:

    Of course, there are Hispanic statisticians in South America, but here in the U.S., I know I am not the only one but I have met very, very few. In fact, I only remember two other than me.

    As far as the clients I meet as a consultant, I have not yet met any Hispanic faculty members or graduate students in statistics, although I do know some in related fields, e.g., public policy analysis.

    I know my own experience is a far cry from a random sample, but since I worked as a consultant for > 20 years and attend a fair number of conferences I think I would be MORE likely to meet statisticians than others. How precisely accurate your data are I cannot say but I am certain the number of Hispanic statisticians is very, very small.

    As for a source, the NSF tracked Ph.D graduate’s for years. I’ll bet they still do. I used to get a follow up survey from them every few years. The data were broken down by race and gender.

  2. Ellie K says:

    Interesting! Sounds like you might’ve been perusing the academic research articles from the folks over at floatingsheep.org ! Me too.

    The Color of Statistics is overwhelmingly pale! But I agree, most data sources under-represent minority statisticans. Also, most sources are specific to North America only. I looked for additional source data, very cursory search, and see that there isn’t much.

    For new math/ stats graduates by race, I’d suggest Helpful Links for Minority and International Students from Be An Actuary dot Org Actuary,

    Regarding minority data, may I suggest you include a category for women as well? Maybe it could be magenta-colored. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any source data.

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